Social Media FAQ – Hashtags

Social Media FAQ – Hashtags

  1. What is a “hashtag”?

A hashtag is a word starting with the “#” sign.  So for instance, #Cool is a hashtag. #MobyDick is also a hashtag. Thus any of the following words are hashtags: #Car #GTR #MyGirl #TagPredict etc

  1. How many hashtags are on the internet?

There is an unlimited number of hashtags! A hashtag can be any mixture of letters and numbers, so you can build any type of word you would like: #KukuHey and #HeyKuku are two distinctive hashtags!

  1. How hashtags are distinctive from other words?

Hashtags do not have to be dictionary words, i.e. you can use aliases, misspell a word, or use numbers. #Moonnnn is a valid hashtag, even that it is not a valid English word.

  1. Which websites are supporting hashtags?

Almost every website is working with hashtags, but what is more significant, that the main social media websites like Instagram, Google+ and Twitter are allowing you to post hashtags.

  1. How many users are using hashtags?

Very hard to tell how many people are using hashtags when they post, but what is obvious – that all internet users are seeing hashtags, when they read others’ posts.


  1. How can I know if hashtags are popular or not?

Try the following site:

  1. What are the top hashtags to use?

Try a free hashtag tool like TagPredict, which gives online trends of hashtags popularity. You can download this tool for free, from the Google Webstore.

  1. Can I use hashtags that not related to my post?

Yes. You can use any hashtag you like – social media won’t filter you. So if you post something about food, nobody stopping you from using a “#election” hashtag, even that it is not related to your post.

  1. Do I need to use different hashtags on different posts?

You need to do what is best for you – the best is to use different hashtags on different posts since hashtags popularity change every second! People are using hashtags and then they stop using it – you want to use what other people are using so your posts get exposed to more people

  1. Where can I find more information on hashtags?

The best information is online. Start with this blog item, and continue from there.

Good luck!