Simple Way to Clean a Mac with Movavi Mac Cleaner

As a rule of thumb you should ‘clean’ your Mac regularly, because if you don’t junk files will gradually accumulate in the form of logs, cache files, duplicate files, and so on. At first glance these files may appear harmless, but as they pile up they’ll eat into your storage space and may even start to affect your Mac’s speed.


The main reason why many people don’t clean their Mac regularly is because it can be a tedious and time-consuming task if you attempt to do so manually. Trying to track down individual junk files that are scattered throughout your hard drive can take forever – which is why

you should automate the job with Movavi Mac Cleaner.


Essentially Movavi Mac Cleaner is a Mac cleaning software that will initiate a scan of your hard drive as soon as you launch it, and immediately find any and all junk files no matter where they’re located. After its scan is complete, it will let you remove all the junk that it found with just a single click of a button. Alternatively if you want you could select which types of junk files you want to delete.


By the time you’re done, your Mac should have a lot more free space and its performance should have improved too. However if you want you can do far more with Movavi Mac Cleaner and should use its features to:


  • Uninstall any apps that you no longer need and remove leftovers from other apps with the ‘Uninstaller’.
  • See exactly where space is being wasted under the ‘Disk Usage’ feature and remove any unnecessary items.
  • Securely delete and overwrite confidential or sensitive files with the ‘Shredder’ so that they can’t be restored through any means.
  • Protect your Mac and shield it from malicious viruses with the built-in antivirus and firewall.


Together those features will let you really make sure that any unnecessary files are no longer clogging up your hard drive. Just as with every other part of Movavi Mac Cleaner its features are designed to be easy to use and intuitive, so it won’t take you long to fully clean your Mac from top to bottom.


As you can see it doesn’t get any easier to clean your Mac than with Movavi Mac Cleaner. Because it will automate most of the job, you should find it practically no hassle to clean your Mac regularly so that you always have enough storage space and its speed never suffers.