Recent Developments of Technology

Technology is already not able to let go of human life in this modern era as if a technology is inherent in us.

Consciously or unconsciously, every day we do with activities related to the use of technology both simple technology and super technology advanced, you cook using gas stove alone was also included with the technology, using a blender, it is also included in the application of technology in everyday life -day.For more information, you can visit

And this year, there are some of the findings related to the latest computer technology is very advanced. Moreover, these technologies can also be directly felt by computer users worldwide.

Laptop with New Operating System
Not only Android and Chrome OS, Google reportedly will also have the latest operating system named Andromeda. This operating system is said to differ from the previous OS, which can be operated either in tablet or laptop, andromeda Google planned to be introduced in the autumn of 2017.

Super Maglev Train
Although it has been around since ancient, rail transportation has undergone an update from time to time. This time, there is a new technology that comes from China with the concept of a capsule. With its design, Super Maglev Train can reduce air pressure so as to increase the speed.

Smart Car
Smart car technology or arguably “a car without a driver” started the trend the end of this year. Manufacturers of large IT manufacturers such as Google and Apple began developing the technology race car’s smart car. At present, the development of smart car itself was reaching the stage safety testing. The car itself will not be equipped with manual steering, for navigation will be armed with the maps, such as Google Maps, so we live our destination then this car will be run independently to the destination. Well, the smart car technology is predicted to become one of the trend.