Getting Your Smart Phone Ready to Sell

A large number of smart phone owners upgrade their devices annually. Depending on the type of phone you’re purchasing, regular upgrades can prove tremendously pricey. Fortunately, there are ways to make your next upgrade more affordable – selling your existing phone chief among them. After upgrading, many people dispose of their old phones or simply do nothing with them, neither of which is beneficial to one’s financial bottom line. If you don’t want your next upgrade to put a considerable strain on your finances, you can lighten your burden by selling your old phone. However, before doing so, take care to tend to the following preparations.

Repair Screen Cracks

Regardless of how good a deal they’re getting, most people aren’t keen on the idea of purchasing a phone with a damaged screen. Given that the screen is one of the device’s most important components, this is perfectly understandable. With this in mind, make sure to repair any screen-based cracks before attempting to sell your phone. Luckily, smaller cracks can often be repaired with the aid of affordable DIY patching kits. Conversely, larger cracks generally require the attention of professionals. If your screen requires a full-on replacement, it’s advised that you weigh the cost of a new screen against how much you stand to make off the phone.

Unlock the Phone

If you want to net the highest possible price for your old phone, you’d do well to have the device unlocked. Disabling the litany of manufacturer-imposed restrictions that prevent most phones from reaching their full potential is practically guaranteed to make your phone more attractive in the eyes of prospective buyers. Fortunately, unlocking most phones is a breeze with the help of Unlock Network. Anyone looking to unlock the HTC Desire 530 or any other popular phone is urged to visit Unlock Network on the double.

Wipe the Phone’s Memory

When selling your phone, the absolute last thing you want is your personal information being compromised. As such, it’s imperative that you wipe the phone’s memory clean before proceeding to sell it. If you’re unclear on how to do this, consult an online tutorial or ask a resident tech expert.

There’s nothing wrong with upgrading one’s phone annually. Even if your phone is still in great shape, it’s always exciting to have access to the latest technology. Still, yearly upgrades stand to put a sizable dent in your personal finances. Anyone interested in offsetting the cost of a new phone stands to benefit from selling their existing one.